Monday, April 25, 2005

Why cant i BLOG?

well i've been trying for the past month to write somethin in this damn blog atleast for the sake of its existencei see people makin posts on a daily basis and i just cant help but ask myself wats wrong with me?

1. do i hate writing?- nay (cos if a guy cud write a short story a sf one at that in jus 2 days, he cud make a post a week)

2. do i lack the time to write?-hell! no. i mean if i could play counter strike or watch FRIENDS for hours together and still dont even feel like i've wasted my time, i cud spare some time for a thought

3. do i lack the thought?-well iam not that dumb an ass either, yeah i got some thoughts folks!i've always wanted to express myself on this obsessive crush that i've had on a girl(oh yeah! i gotta serious crush ppl), or my delusional addiction for CS and FRIENDS,serious questions about where iam headed in life or about my parents, my past life
et all

everytime when iam doin somethin, a thought strikes me and i wanna write it down, but i dunno i just cant bring myself to write a blog on the wonder my blog aint headin anywhere, so all i do is read others blogs pass some comments that i think nobody gives a damn about and get back to wat i do best, Playin CS and watchin FRIENDS.

to put it like joey:

"why GOD?why? Why cant i write a damn blog? why are u doin this to me?"

and the ironic thing right now is that iam wrting this piece of complete crap just before my finals,with only hours to go and nothin to do but resign to fate and hit the sack!here iam writin a blog on why cant i blog.

no wonder i continue to surprise myself! and wtf i wanna post this fuckin thing and i cant!, WAT is wrong with the WORLD! god damnit!

oh my god! wat is wrong with me!

ps: this blog was return on the night before the final exam, but as the damn net was slow could not be posted, all the abuses in the last lines are purely due to frustration


Blogger Smartalec said...

no kidding me!! u have a crush?! and that too a serous one?? man! now i've seen everything:P!! so who's the unl.. err... lucky lady;)?!

10:54 PM  
Blogger sriram said...

all in good time boy. all in good time

10:54 AM  

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