Monday, May 02, 2005

Thotti Gang

to be Honest! i was too bored to do anythin else, so i decided to post somethin

"Thotti gang" is basically derived from a telugu phrase which means "a bunch of ppl who are fit for nothin", and we cudnt find a better word to sum up the essence of the group. iam talkin abt my circle of friends who u cud obviously guess are from andhra. The moment i landed in DA-IICT i hooked up with this bunch of guys who like me were cluless as to wats the difference between school and a college, were a bunch of first timers to the hostel way of life and most importantly were every bit as Lazy as me. And for the next three years the gang has lived up to its name at every possible test to its very identity.

what holds a group together?-Mostly a convergence of thought and common passions.

But when i come to think of it, this gang has amazingly lacked convergence of thought and common passions and has still been able to survive. The probability that each of us wud share a view on a topic is minimal or nil at best with heated arguements, verbal brawls et all..being the order of the day. But that has never affected us in getting along with each other. In other words one cud never get the group as a whole to perform something, there was always this one guy or a bunch of guys who thought it was a waste of time and endless hours wud be spent convincin them that it was not. For example the gang's plan to go to shimla has been on the shelf for the past two years, each time somebody's got an issue or they are jus to lazy to go ahead with the plan. To quote that "the purchase of the "bike" has been the only coordinated effort in three years of coexistence" wud not be totally wrong though it might offend some in the gang, and the fact the idea was borrowed and it needed hours of convincin ppl abt the benefits reiterates the diversity of opinions in the gang.

And when it comes to passions, u cud find one in every range of the spectrum, from computer gamin to endless study,study and more study to exhaustive surfin of the net,u name it u get it.But i wud say Computer games has been a passion that has the grp glued down to wat it is today, for it is this insane addiction that has brought most of the gang members together and has kept the essence of the group going despite the serious difference of opinions we have. If it werent for gaming i wudnt have met some of the guys with whom iam closest with today. And to date this has been my best experience with ppl i dint even have a clue abt, and it is in some ways ironic that iam known in family circles as this shy and reserved guy who cudnt conduct a jovial conversation with visiting relatives. Some of my most fondest memories wud be the times i have spent with this group of gr8 ppl who have diverse characters and interests.

finally i wud say that my circle of friends is a motley crew of fellas who truly pride themselves for being "Lazy and good for nothing", that in evry sense we epitomize the "Thotti gang" of the neighborhood that has folks who are truly clueless as to wat to do with their lives.


Blogger Smartalec said...

i'd make an ideal member of the thotti gang u know?! most of us da-iictians are a part of a large thotti gang unwittingly,i guess:D

2:24 AM  
Blogger Naresh said...

Mama... this is Unity in Diversity at its best. wotsay??? ;)

9:09 AM  
Blogger sriram said...

hehehe..membership to gang is free,only hard and fast rule is u have to be lazy to the bone and totally clueless(confused with life).

u said it.. guess d gang showed that despite differences they could pull their act together when last sem they kicked some ass....;)

6:45 PM  
Blogger Sarat Chandra Addepalli said...

dude, what are friends for, if they can't stand up for each other eh?

neways, had a great life at DA-IICT, no regrets. vot say?

5:21 PM  
Blogger sriram said...

yeah u bet;)
although my parents still feel they made a mistake, but i've always stood by my decision. as u said at steve's if it werent for da-iict where wud we hav met such gr8 frenz.. these have been the most enrichin experiences in my life

10:58 PM  

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