Friday, May 13, 2005

"The Angel Flyby"

well for a long time now i've wanted to dedicate a post to a girl i know(technically),who makes my heart flutter,who has had me hooked to her since the day i set my eyes on her,that serene and beautiful face of hers imprinted in my mind continues to torment me to this day. It happens evry time,as she walks past me my mind goes blank and i just keep staring at her until she disappears,its a miracle that no one caught me doin this. "Go talk to her!go talk to her!" is all i can hear in my mind.i have encountered her almost everyday but not once have i talked to her.Not Once!

but in the process of pennin down my thoughts and experiences, i learnt a hard lesson."i suk at writin out romantic posts!". that it takes a lot of creativity to put down those whirlpool of emotions that u took weeks and a lot of failed attempts for me to come up with this. hey!am i writin this to impress someone.nay! this will be somethin for me to look back on and reminisce those good old days with nostalgia(ahem..seems like iam jumpin a little ahead in time).

Since i lacked the skill to pen down my feelings in such colorful words.i thought "why not give a rundown of my encounter with her".And so here it is, i prefer to call it "The Angel flyby" and believe me this happens every single time

The approach- i see her comin my way, i thank my stars that i get to see her evry day, feelin purely blessed i track her approach all the while makin sure i don get spotted cos u never know when someone(especially my offense guys[;)]) cud jus catch u in the act and make the rest of ur life a misery.

The Pass- she passes me.Sometimes inches,sometimes metres or sometimes even more. ecstacy is wat i feel, a sort of drug induced high. she throws a glance at me and i hastily turn my gaze away hopin that she dint notice the way i was starin at her. god! are those times the best. well all good thing don last forever do they...

The exit- this is where iam jerked back to reality. as her shape starts receding i start to feel the pangs of guilt,regret and a deep sense of hatred. Gone! she's gone! Here iam sittin like a dud, all i cud do was keep lookin at her."what is wrong with you? why the hell cant u go talk to her?" i try answerin these but iam confounded. guess it'll take a lifetime to figure out an answer to these questions.

so another missed oppurtunity, but hell! who cares. there'll always be another day,another encounter. this is wat i have been consolin myself with all these here iam a lone romantic who can write posts proclaimin to the world his feelings for her, but doesnt have the guts to walk up to her and speak his heart out.

ps:no offense is meant to the "chums",and guys by the way if u've figured who the girl is keep it to urself,don make a life that is already miserable even worse. thank you for ur patience
this is pariah signing off....


Blogger Sagar Das said...

So who's that princess buddy? don' worry, u can count on me on keeping it a well guarded secret.

1:33 AM  
Blogger sriram said...

i guess that secret will die wid me?
and no way am i gonna trust such a confidential piece of info into anybody's hands[;)]

4:25 PM  
Blogger Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Ahh... wonderful!! That sums up the way mosty of us guys feel, I think, when that cute sweet nice thing goes by.... best of luck for your future, Mr. pariah... may the force be with you!

11:17 AM  
Blogger sriram said...

hey another brother frm the order of the force[;)].
well as for my future iam not sure whether she'll ever know my feelins for her..

gosh! "i loathe myself" as chandler wud say

7:40 PM  
Blogger Rahul said...

Everytime someone talks about a girl, theres an image that strikes my mind. That Pepsi Ad in which Cyrus Broacha features and the summation is "Mera Number Ayega"

4:13 AM  

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