Saturday, June 11, 2005

High and Low

if my moods cud be plotted they'd form a beautiful sinusoid...perfect oscillation

woke up at arnd 8 to find myself half naked in the terrace recievin a nice tan frm the sun that never shows any sign of relentin. "how in bloody hell did i get here"- i asked myself. pardon me but i usually suffer amnesia(mostly when she's somewhere in the vicinity)..hey don let ur imaginations run wild, on this day she was a gud distance away frm me. well i managed to organize my thought process ,then i remembered the incident last can i frget all those drunk incoherent ranting and behavior that wud put even the most bold and outrageous person to shame, well thats exactly wat happened after things got sober ofcourse..hey folks not again, iam incapable of such insanities twas jus someone i know. last night's bad mood returned, i promised that this guy wud have hell to pay and i wud ensure that he felt the worst in his life for the ruckus.. dint talk to th guy even after he apologised to me, thought i wud give him the silent treatment and dint bother seein the guy, so wid the same bad mood i decide to go to "Parineeta" (ppl hu know me wud hav guessed how desperate i was to get away frm college,cos i seldom watch bollywood movies and feel they're a waste of time)

well things started lookin up.. the decision to go watch "Parineeta" was rewarded as i was able to take my mind off college.. the movie was gud, the actin superb and gosh! vidya balan, she's got the most expressive eyes..not many dialogues but u cud identify her emotions jus by one luk at her eyes, in contrast diya mirza's acting was as phoney and superficial as it cud get. sanjay dutt wid another top notch performance, last but not the least saif as cool as ever..the dude's been my favorite since khnh. i completely identified with his character, unable to spit or swallow the love he has for her and finally in a moment of passion they both come together, hope somethin like that happens to me, but first... we have to exchange our first words with each other[;)]
so here we were bak in college, discussin the finer points of the movie and i spent a gud part of the rest of the afternoon sleepin dreamin abt parineeta for a change

embarked upon my routine quest for havin a body like adonis...feels like on a wild goose chase,but there are a lot of inspirational characters hu hav made me realize that all it needs is commitment. In between all this, i saw her by the canteen. she dint even bother to glance at this lowly creature..felt crestfallen and started blamin myself.. wait till u hear my reasons for her not noticin me. took out my anguish on the weights..and then went to the grnd and watched my mates slug it out in the football field..i marveled at the way both cricket and football were goin in tandem on the same grnd, the guys somehow made sure they dint hinder the other. my anguish seemed to subside a little(but that was just an illusion). Played badminton for a quite a while, hit the shuttle with such fury that we had to replace 2 shuttles, finally felt enervated and hit the shower and was feelin so better....

decided to head straight to bed after dinner, but dinner proved out to be a long and drawn out affair. i had to go frm person to person beggin for change cos the damn counter guy dint have any change, feelin hungry and sleepy i swore under my breath and finally managed to procure some change and had a measly meal and most important of all somethin to drink.. after an eternity got bak to the room, and here iam writin this post
now iam feelin better and a little excited at the prospect of spendin another night in da terrace, wat with all the chattin and star gazin..... truly fulfillin


Blogger Naresh said...

wow dude! thtz a day!
n u 2 wrtng of a gal??? whoz she mama??? me 2 cn parineeta night show sde. so enervated tht i slept 4 abt 90mnts of da mve, blame it on placement committee!

8:50 AM  
Blogger Mirage said...

U were actually dreamin abt comments!
And it wont b snowin in shimla at this time of the year...bad luck!
Hey hope u n ur pals get to make it there someday! Try aint as bad as climbing the everest!

3:20 PM  
Blogger anubhav said...

well dude i think life as whole might be a big sinusoidal curve ..with highs and lows../

even watched parineeta...nice movie

thanx for dropping by on my blog..

11:37 PM  
Blogger Arch Storm said...

sinusoidal curve...hmmm..i see sinusoidal curves around me :)

7:25 AM  
Blogger sriram said...

sloggin for the masses maama.. keep up the gud work...and u missed the gud part in da movie
but therz always a next time

hey! i wan comments.. wats so funny in dreamin abt a movie u've jus seen(although twas all abt lolita[;)])..

yeah we're gonna hav to make a decision on the "trip"..wat with jus a year between us and separation..gotta hav a memorable photo collection

8:11 AM  
Blogger sriram said...

the pleasure is mine pal..and now my turn to return the thx..
yeah da bigger picture is jus an extension of the smallr one

8:16 AM  
Blogger Moron said...

nice post be!!
and wat happened u deleted ur comment from my post???

9:32 AM  
Blogger asha said...

well ur view on Parineeta are completely different from mine...
but ya the songs were good.U know wat may be u shud try n learn some thing of interest of ur girl like in the that she wud start talkin to u first.

1:32 PM  
Blogger sriram said...

wat a difference of opinion!!!!
i thought that was imposs[;)]
yeah the songs were slow and superb..
abt her..she's gud at a lot of things, but i dunno we never hav a chance to get close to each other and even if i try..her presence is mesmerizing.

10:02 PM  
Blogger Rahul said...

Ups and downs in life. Well mebbe they just hied to fit themselves in a single day's routine of urs :)

4:06 AM  

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