Saturday, April 22, 2006


well call it laziness or reluctance, the response to this tag somehow never clicked. Infact it took me a whole 2 hrs of staring at the screen to get me started.But if i aint postin anythin on my own the least i cud do is to honor someone gracious enuf to tag me.

So now its the number 7 eh....well the first thing that comes to my mind abt 7 is 7-shots. now u guys must be wondering wat cud this possibly mean..cud it be that this guy jus hit 7 shots in all the years of cricket he played or cud it be that he's taken 7 shots so far at gettin his body into shape, an even weirder theory cud be that he recieved 7 vaccine shots when he was a kid. that i have successfully managed to arouse disinterest i better get back to the point. 7- shots was a legacy of my heydays of CounterStrike. A video of 7 shots i took on this guy in a game, each one as memorable as the other. Although its another story that the video is no more and that the same guy can toast me for more than that number if he wished to.
now for the Can's and Cant's

I. 7 Things i wanna do b4 i die

1. Help my folks settle, meaning my dad in his village, my mom a school teacher(maybe i cud set up a school for her)...something they've always wanted to be and as for my sis, well watever she wants to be
2. Live in the suburbs in a beautiful house with a lawn just like the one in the wonder years( well i could throw in a pool too[:D])
3. Fly a plane, fighter planes preferably even choppers will do..but huz gonna trust me with one
4. Be the life of any party...not jus another life in the party
5. make an interstellar voyage and discover!!! am i desperate to fill this space up
6. be a pro gamer

II. 7 Things i can do

1. Drink loads of coffee
2. have petty fears and obsessions about photos and people
3. lap up a snack at any time of the day

4. get nostalgic
5. break into song and dance
6. remain silent over the phone even though i kno all i hafta do is talk
7. be pessimistic..ask steve he'll tell u all abt it...

III. 7 things i cant do

1. fill out an application form without any mistakes..and iam serious
2. Drive wid my dad in the back seat....backseat drivin bugs me like hell
3. ride a bike
4. play the guitar
5. leave home without forgettin something...happens to me evrytime
6. be at ease with the fairer sex....
7. frequent a gym for more than a month

IV. 7 things i say most
well most of these will be abuses but i'll jus give the more milder ones

1. yeh kya hai/tha (depends[:D])
2. maaaamaaaa
3. FUCK ( well i cud say this in a lot of languages u know)
4. U've gotta be kiddin me
5. gimme a goddamn break
6. sexy
7. Holy!!!!

V. 7 celebrity crushes

1. Meg Ryan ( i jus love that innocence in her face)
2. Cameron Diaz
3. Madeline Adams ( well if she ever was a celebrity..btw thats not her real name)
4. Revathy ( I did watch tamil movies when i was young and when they were respectable)
5. Shobana
6. Vidya Balan
7. Rani Mukherjee

VI. 7 things that attract me to the fairer sex

1. Innocence
2. Tenderness
3. long hair thats left open
4. look stunning in a saree...hehehe...cant help it...iam usually floored
5. Intelligence
6. killer smile
7. mild talkativeness

VII. 7 ppl i wanna tag
i wonder how i came up wid this list

1. Rana ( revolutionary man!!!! u still have a tag to respond to)
2. Deepak ( looking for some enlightenment...clear some of the mystery arnd u pal)
3. Sagar ( i wont loose hope on u)
4. Gupt (u're as lazy as ur roommate)
5. GVC ( ur blog needs a post mate)
6. janani ( that blog needs more than a post )
7. Riddhi ( i join a long list of taggers[:)])


Blogger Naresh said...

be a pro gamer... ok! I read it as programmer n was abt 2 type in da golden word... maaaamaaaaaa... :P

7:30 PM  
Blogger WnG said...

interesting blog. u had been on mine during the formative. ill blogroll u soon.

7:36 PM  

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