Monday, June 13, 2005


y do all my posts hav to start when i wake up[;)]
well this one too starts at 3:00 peak afternoon..jus had my lunch and was blissfully snorin away,when therz a call and my roomie rushes out to take it..
"hmmmm must be one of his friends" and i continue to sleep.but he rushes bak with the same speed and informs me wat i hoped wud not happen again..

"the jeep's heer and the guys are waitin for u?". i jolted out of bed and shouted.."what the FUCK!!! i jus told SS to wake me up" and he laconically replies "he's waitin in the jeep"

"Son of a Bitch" i grumble under my breath

u see the situation is much more complicated than it seems.. i live in Ahmedabad wid my folks and they've jus returned frm a long holiday and i promised them i'd be home. obviously i had to do some packin and stuff. so i planned to head home after endurin 4 hrs of T.I.M.E (CAT coachin) where the lectures can be as borin and the competition as cut-throat as it can get.
but now therz no time for packin..even the books needed for the class.. i quickly salvage watever i cud get my hands on.. and rush to the main gate not even carin to wash off my sleep..

still in a trance when i reach the gate, only to find the jeeps gone....
"those fellas happily on their way, while iam left here at the gate lookin like a fool". well i must mention that these guys are a pretty serious bunch when it comes to CAT.. cant wait for a fuckin 5 minutes..cos they'd miss a big fuckin Test.. i get bak to the room and havin nothin to do and too outraged to sleep again.. played FIFA and now iam writin this post jus minutes b4 i embark on a last ditch attempt to get to the second class on "T.I.M.E"

sry for the outburst folks, iam jus too pissed off at the world at large


Blogger Ellie said...

Awww...someone's had a bad day! Shit happens...sometimes even after the day is half gone ;)So parents in Ahmd only? There must be more modes of transport than that lonely jeep from G'nagar to Ahmd...rite? What happened to the trusted Pathik Ashram??

7:14 PM  
Blogger Smartalec said...

temme something new! the fukin jeep fella has missed me a couple of times. gotta catch d bus now n then! but lucky i have someone or d other with me!
i bet d second class was bharat reddy's?!:D

2:15 AM  
Blogger asha said...

chill it da...i can understand ur u also sleep a lot like me...if yes then bingo...we r the same in every aspect

12:56 PM  
Blogger Naresh said...

ha ha! i knew all these wud happen. thtz y joind PT n tht 2 wid a batch tht dsnt wake me up, but tht which waits 4 me 2 wake them up :P

3:07 PM  
Blogger sriram said...

yeah..parents in ahmedabad
sometimes a boon sometimes a bane
well finally i had to go by i had to wait till things chilled a li'l..
iam too lazy to head to pathik ashram in this heat[;)]

twas a GD/PI session by sid that i wud have been better off not attendin..but i had to,cos if i turned up at home b4 T.I.M.E it wud hav created a furor[;)]

5:25 PM  
Blogger sriram said...

iam as u are[;)]

maaama always the wise decisions..
guess some ppl cant do that..
and wat is this iam hearin..u guys havin make-up class and that too on request frm da last person u wud expect...[;)]

5:27 PM  
Blogger Moron said...

to be present in dat fuking jeep.. i do need to paint the picture more clearly.
dude, we did wait for u, we waited for about 10 minutes but still u didn't show up.. so we had to leave for the fuking test. btw itz good that u didn't come.. test was fuking tough!!!

but great post man, i started laughing imagining ur pathetic state.. i have been victim of this myself couple of times.

10:39 PM  
Blogger Arch Storm said...

hehehe..TIME coaching classes:) i remember a couple of friends of mine who were on the verge of jumping into a river! but u know wat..they both got into IIMs. :)

1:43 AM  
Blogger sriram said...

yeah well..all i know is one moment iam sleepin away to glory and the next iam runnin like a madman acroos the campus to get to da gate..imagine dat under the sun,sure to be pissed off...
newayz the test doesnt matter...jus that i lost my faith in some ppl i thought were worth trustin

8:03 PM  
Blogger sriram said...

@arch storm
yeah well...nothin like dat is gonna happen hope is slowly bein eroded..some day it'll jus cave in...
i'm thinkin its gonna be jus another disappointment for my parents...gosh!i hate to give them bad news..

8:05 PM  
Blogger Mirage said...

Aww that's so mean on jeep-mates' part! Didnt wait for u..and worse, broke ur slumber! Get even with them man!! Ruin their sleep as well!! >:[

7:49 PM  
Blogger Rahul said...

sheesh the students of T.I.M.E and their T.I.M.Eless travails. Someone or the other seems to suffer everytime the jeep comes :p I guess u consoled urself saying the classes are boring anyway and at home they don't allow us to sleep till noon :p As Naresh says we are a bunch of happy guys happily bunking and happily slack students of the happy PT. Happy Day :)

4:00 AM  

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