Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Live outside my skin...

aw'ight..this is my sixth attempt at a post and i got no hopes of finishing this one either unless i keep it quick and long have you been under your skin?...whacky question i presume, a lot of people would say "doh!!! probably since i was born, dumb ass" and maybe they're right too..but one doesnt start to realize or even think about such things until one's come to his senses, has had a taste of the world. But i've been wondering could there be a person who probably has never felt the need to live outside his skin, see how the world reacts to their presence, see how life could be different living under somebody else's skin, or how life is best under their own skin. You see somebody in class, someone on the road, someone on a chatroom and then there's always orkut and imagine, wat are they doing right now!!!...wat are they thinking they have the same joys, same concerns, same does the world see them and wat will the world remember them by...Someday if it is at all possible i'd like to shed my skin and live as somebody else, even for a day maybe...just to see the difference. But most of all i'd like to meet somebody hu doesnt think like this and get to know their secret. Could somebody really be content with their life, how they've lived it and the things they've done and finally something i yearn for the most and y'all could consider this a cry for help maybe..."Is there someone who goes to bed every day with a clear conscience?"

well..on retrospect i think the problem with this post is its got too many questions..well i was in a very inquisitive mood...but hell!! maybe i'll come back someday and put 'em all to rest


Blogger Smartalec said...

well i didnt expect this post so soon but u never know!
boy o boy! are u alright, mate? what's eating you? why, even if for one day, would you want to don the role of someone else?
i'm a bit depressed! i never thought so much before, not conciously ofcourse, and now i just might!
and if you ask me, the secret to hitting the sack without a lot of things on ur mind, and yeah well, a clear conscience (So as to say) is to keep urself occupied throughout the day and be so tired at the end of the day that all u can think of is jumping into the bed! works for me :(

10:52 AM  
Blogger Trinity Teal™ said...

Well, as human beings, we have always at some corners of our evil thoughts, wanted the power to read minds, become invisible, and the like. Dunno why wanting tat at sometimein ur lif wud make one devoid of a conscience :-??
"Doh!!!" ~ U a homer simpson fan?

12:47 AM  
Blogger Rajesh said...

bro..! itne din baad jaag gaye blogger pe..! read your post..! :)
well..i totally agree..! main toh manesha sochta rehta hoon ki samne waalen log kya soch rahe hain...lekin not in general..hehe...only about me.!! but in general, its a great thought...slipping into others shoes..!

11:11 PM  
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