Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Hunt for a plum job offer

This is not a Tom Clancy Novel but i duly pay my respects to da man!!!

The thing about being a graduate student without funding is the fact that "u're not funded"...the dough's comin out of your own ur dad'd pocket to be precise and it leaves a deep sense of guilt when u see the dollars change hands and the apprehension only compounds when you convert the amount to the good 'ol rupee. So whats the option...get an oncampus job and work ur ass off so that it covers ur living expenses, become responsible for your own screwed up life. And its not exactly like they're offering a job on a platter..oh no baby!!! u literally fight for whatever it takes...and i mean whatever!!! starts the excruciating process of walking up and down campus stoppin at evry reception desk and go over the lines again and again and again " Uh..well uh....i am a fall 2006 student here and am looking for an on-campus"and if u're lucky they take ur name, phone and stuff....otherwise its "buzz off dude we aint got nything" in the different ways..somehow i've started thinkin that u need to be absolutely blessed to hear "Oh we got an opening come right in"..hehehe just senior says if u are hell bent on findin a job u might land wid one...i hope his words come true....cos i might notbe hell bent on getting one but i'd be a lot better off if i had one if some my plans are to succeed.

The saddest part of this whole excercise is that the competition is none other than ur very own compatriots..( oh yeah not even our friendly neighbours the chinese or the koreans..its da desis man!!!)...and if u've had the misfortune of landin in a univesity with a high acceptance rate frm India there are times when one seriously feels ( i shudnt say this..but believe me this isnt an affront to our motherland) that i'd be blessed if i saw one less desi face today, there are those who like me trudge up and down every hall with the same desperation to get a job, the frustration and disappointment pretty evident in their faces at yet another failed job opening...and then there are those f**** mof*** bast*** of a Sobs of guys who despite havin a job at hand roam arnd collectin applications in search for a better job, well cant blame these guys either cos they just lookin after their own back...after all the search for greener pastures is what brought them here...

I started out the first day wid hope , enthusiasm and a new campus map outlinig spots i'd hit and work my charm....all am left with now is a deep sense of lethargy, rejection and a campus map with a lot of crosses and a few strikes....lets hope the strikes turn out to be a lucky break....and i hope that my compatriots have a better run at the job hunt...cos they've made me realize although therz no place like home, a friendly face frm somewhere closer to home can always make u feel home.

Jai Hind!!!


Blogger siva rajesh said...

thts a wonderful blog..hope you will get ur campus job soon and start njoying..

9:39 AM  
Blogger Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Jai hind, sirji!! Good to see you blogging after so long. And yes, I too share your feelings as I have also just arrived in Austin. Please keep posting now and then!

6:07 AM  
Blogger Sudipta Chatterjee said...

BTW, all the best for your hunt! I am sure you'll succeed...

6:07 AM  
Blogger sree harsha said...

hilarious mama. really good
-Sree Harsha. R

1:02 AM  

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