Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If only Santa had intervened.............

Venue: The Drawing Room
Time:Christmas eve, 20:00 Hrs
objective:Capture and defend the most strategic object of the household

As the clock struck 8 the whole house had its eyes riveted on the one weapon whose weilder had the power to change the course of human thought(ahem..atleast the family's), the power to control the one beast that keeps us occupied through our mundane lives, a beast which my father so lovingly calls the "Idiot Box".

Whats so special about any festival?? well if u ask me its those special programs they air on T.V. especially the movies( smash-hit, blockbusters et all as they put it). Christmas eve was no different.....

The contenders(well there were a lot, but lemme restrict myself to the heavy weights) were 'Swades' and 'Parineeta'. The stage was set and the bout for the remote had begun.So ladies and gentlemen on one side we have 'Parineeta' the saga of a woman..whose undying love for her childhood friend finally unites her wid him, a period film par excellence and winner of some awrds of which i have no idea..but on that fateful night it had the support of the kingmaker of household politics, my kid sis. On the other side we have 'Swades' a man's self realization which my good friend Rebel Boy/Uncle(suit urself) has been cryin hoarse abt, an NRI hu realizes that India is where the heart(and poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and not to forget chics who are hot and traditional, sounds like a paradox right...but u have to see Gayatri in a saree to believe that) lies, unfortunately this had the favor of an opposition that has had a history of weak protests which ultimately cave in(my mom and dad). And there i was in the middle of it all havin an agenda of my own. i had Garfield on my mind but apparently my parents are not game to Jen-love-hewitt's overflowin assets, so i had to ditch any attmpts to even convince 'em that its a comedy and then u can never win against ur kid sis can u....But the night did have its moments, like the one when my parents and sis went scrambling for cover when Vidya and Saif were doin a steamy one together, of course i was privy to this detail so i was conveniently absent frm the scene. I mean come to think of it...the most awkward part of being a adolescent at home is convincin ur parents that a guy and a girl lockin lips or doin it naked in the sheets doesnt make sense to you and that u r completely uninterested in it.

Anyways all the contention aprt we did get to watch both the movies....juggling one for the other durin the ad breaks. And all i cud do was turn frm one side of the couch to the other wid a disgruntled look on my face. But who the hell cares...

ah!!! the joys of satellite television[;)]