Sunday, June 26, 2005

A comic take on the counselling

"u ppl lack discipline, and bcos of u ppl even iam becomin indisciplined"

"huh... whats this guy's problem", i mumbled in semi conciousness..twas another one of Reddanna's(thats wat i call this guy) boring classes. This guy manages to lull me into sleep no matter what..frm the moment he walks in to the moment he walks out i either concentrate on the T.I.M.E(pun intended[;)]) or manage to doze off. so ye ppl mus be thinkin wats new this time..i was thinkin the same when this thought struck me.

The counselling for the new batch concluded a few days ago and i was breathin a sigh of relief..i mean wat wid all the parents mobbin u at first sight..i had to remain confined in my room for 2 days for fear of bein accosted and asked stupid questions like "what are ur grades?".."what is the expected rank to get admission?".."why didnt u score 4/4"..dude even my parents don ask that question.

The counselling day was even worse, i almost fainted seein the explosion of humanity at the cafeteria, the only consolation that day was seein some really hot lasses whom i sincerely hope will join the college. gettin bak to the thought that set my imagination runnin wild was this piece frm the movie here goes my take

the scene opens at the Lecture theater wid da director addressin the hapless students hu look like guinea pigs goin for the slaughter..

"hello students.As u no doubt hav guessed iam the director of this institute. I imagine u're feelin a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole"

"yes" the students mumble

"i can see it in ur eyes, u have the look of fellas who accept what they have been given because they have no other option. Ironically this is not far frm the let me tell why u are here.u're here bcos u know somethin.what u know u cant explain but u feel it.u felt it the moment u stepped into this college, that there's somethin worldclass about this place. u dont know wat it is, but its there like a hope to ur downtrodden soul. it is this feeling that has brought u to u know wat iam talkin about?"

"ICT" the students say in unison

"do u want to know wat it is?"
Enchanted,the students nod like zombies.

"ICT is everywhere,it is all around us. even now in this very room, u can see it when u take a look at the big screen or when u see tht public address system. u can feel it when u chat on ur mobile,play games on ur computer,listen to the radio. it is the field that is going to take the world by storm and prove a point"

"what point?"

"that there is no distinction between IT and CT. u never know where IT ends and CT begins"

*pause* (where both the parties are in deep thought)

"unfortunately no one can be told wat ICT is. u have to study it for urself. this is ur last chance after this there is no turning bak"

"u leave here without paying the fees, the story ends, u go bak home and later repent havin missed the oppurtunity of a lifetime. u pay ur fees and secure ur seat, u stay in DA-IICT, and i show u how worldclass ICT is. rmember iam only offerin a course nothin more."

i mean wid a speech like this the guy is sure to floor the clueless kids and eventually the seats do get filled up

* * *

A year later when their seniors(us) are goin to graduate they realize this institute aint Recognized nywhere or by nybody. outraged, they mob the directors office demandin an explanation

"what about the recognition?" they huff

The director maintainin the same serene face replies
"what is recognition?. if its about placements, being able to write GRE or CAT, then wat r u guys complainin abt? "

"But our institute is not recognized by the AICTE"

"if recognition is about getting affiliated to a body that has no powers and isnt sure of itself, then we dont need it" saying this he hops into his car and hurries off.

Speechless the poor creatures turn to their seniors, the seniors are more mature and resigned to their fate

"i know wat u're thinkin cos right now iam thinkin the same thing. infact i've been thinkin abt it since the recognition thing blew over. why 'o why dint i buzz off home when i had the chance? so he said he's gonna make u a 'generalist specialist' eh.. "

the kid nods in dismay

"JESUS!!! he didnt even change the damn dialogue. hey! a little piece of advice, next time u hear the director speakin, u do wat we do. "NOD" jus Nod ur head off, but don take wat he says seriously"


Disclaimer: "This post is intended for Satire". some of the characters here might be exaggerated..but i've tried to potray somethin that is close to reality....And pardon me all ye Da-iict lovers i jus needed to hav some release and ye all can go and blame Bharath reddy for not bein able to hold my attention which led to the creation of this post

Monday, June 13, 2005


y do all my posts hav to start when i wake up[;)]
well this one too starts at 3:00 peak afternoon..jus had my lunch and was blissfully snorin away,when therz a call and my roomie rushes out to take it..
"hmmmm must be one of his friends" and i continue to sleep.but he rushes bak with the same speed and informs me wat i hoped wud not happen again..

"the jeep's heer and the guys are waitin for u?". i jolted out of bed and shouted.."what the FUCK!!! i jus told SS to wake me up" and he laconically replies "he's waitin in the jeep"

"Son of a Bitch" i grumble under my breath

u see the situation is much more complicated than it seems.. i live in Ahmedabad wid my folks and they've jus returned frm a long holiday and i promised them i'd be home. obviously i had to do some packin and stuff. so i planned to head home after endurin 4 hrs of T.I.M.E (CAT coachin) where the lectures can be as borin and the competition as cut-throat as it can get.
but now therz no time for packin..even the books needed for the class.. i quickly salvage watever i cud get my hands on.. and rush to the main gate not even carin to wash off my sleep..

still in a trance when i reach the gate, only to find the jeeps gone....
"those fellas happily on their way, while iam left here at the gate lookin like a fool". well i must mention that these guys are a pretty serious bunch when it comes to CAT.. cant wait for a fuckin 5 minutes..cos they'd miss a big fuckin Test.. i get bak to the room and havin nothin to do and too outraged to sleep again.. played FIFA and now iam writin this post jus minutes b4 i embark on a last ditch attempt to get to the second class on "T.I.M.E"

sry for the outburst folks, iam jus too pissed off at the world at large

Saturday, June 11, 2005

High and Low

if my moods cud be plotted they'd form a beautiful sinusoid...perfect oscillation

woke up at arnd 8 to find myself half naked in the terrace recievin a nice tan frm the sun that never shows any sign of relentin. "how in bloody hell did i get here"- i asked myself. pardon me but i usually suffer amnesia(mostly when she's somewhere in the vicinity)..hey don let ur imaginations run wild, on this day she was a gud distance away frm me. well i managed to organize my thought process ,then i remembered the incident last can i frget all those drunk incoherent ranting and behavior that wud put even the most bold and outrageous person to shame, well thats exactly wat happened after things got sober ofcourse..hey folks not again, iam incapable of such insanities twas jus someone i know. last night's bad mood returned, i promised that this guy wud have hell to pay and i wud ensure that he felt the worst in his life for the ruckus.. dint talk to th guy even after he apologised to me, thought i wud give him the silent treatment and dint bother seein the guy, so wid the same bad mood i decide to go to "Parineeta" (ppl hu know me wud hav guessed how desperate i was to get away frm college,cos i seldom watch bollywood movies and feel they're a waste of time)

well things started lookin up.. the decision to go watch "Parineeta" was rewarded as i was able to take my mind off college.. the movie was gud, the actin superb and gosh! vidya balan, she's got the most expressive eyes..not many dialogues but u cud identify her emotions jus by one luk at her eyes, in contrast diya mirza's acting was as phoney and superficial as it cud get. sanjay dutt wid another top notch performance, last but not the least saif as cool as ever..the dude's been my favorite since khnh. i completely identified with his character, unable to spit or swallow the love he has for her and finally in a moment of passion they both come together, hope somethin like that happens to me, but first... we have to exchange our first words with each other[;)]
so here we were bak in college, discussin the finer points of the movie and i spent a gud part of the rest of the afternoon sleepin dreamin abt parineeta for a change

embarked upon my routine quest for havin a body like adonis...feels like on a wild goose chase,but there are a lot of inspirational characters hu hav made me realize that all it needs is commitment. In between all this, i saw her by the canteen. she dint even bother to glance at this lowly creature..felt crestfallen and started blamin myself.. wait till u hear my reasons for her not noticin me. took out my anguish on the weights..and then went to the grnd and watched my mates slug it out in the football field..i marveled at the way both cricket and football were goin in tandem on the same grnd, the guys somehow made sure they dint hinder the other. my anguish seemed to subside a little(but that was just an illusion). Played badminton for a quite a while, hit the shuttle with such fury that we had to replace 2 shuttles, finally felt enervated and hit the shower and was feelin so better....

decided to head straight to bed after dinner, but dinner proved out to be a long and drawn out affair. i had to go frm person to person beggin for change cos the damn counter guy dint have any change, feelin hungry and sleepy i swore under my breath and finally managed to procure some change and had a measly meal and most important of all somethin to drink.. after an eternity got bak to the room, and here iam writin this post
now iam feelin better and a little excited at the prospect of spendin another night in da terrace, wat with all the chattin and star gazin..... truly fulfillin