Thursday, February 23, 2006

perfect love

"You always search for the person you love, but once u find her ur eyes will never wander"

well another valentine's day has come to pass only remindin me of the fact that for all my ranting abt not being able to express myself and my futile attempts at it i've been single, that i've never grown out of being a hopless romantic. But am i doomed to stay one is a question whose answer i search with dread. However wid age comes the realization that love strikes evryone in its own way, that it does not always take a sicilian thunderbolt to fall in love, sometimes u cud fall in love over years.

Alright alright!!! instead of borin all ye folks wid my cheesy realizations i'll get straight down to the point although i have no clue as to wat made the king think i was a stud!!! or why he had the queer notion that fallin in love was akin to applyin for an MS. It must be jus me!!! i guess, i usually tend to leave such impressions..try as i may to rise out of the mould the world percieves me as the proverbial nerd.

so here's my girl

1. The object of my unwavering affection IS most definitely a female, now that was one of the easier of requirements, but even this might sound daunting considering our nation's screwed up sex ratio

2. Appearances dont matter cos i myself aint a work of art and beggars cant be choosers. but its only boyish to dream of havin a bombshell for a girlfriend

3. should be independent yet vulnerable in a way that evokes the deepest sense of concern, a strong desire to protect her wid all i have

4. Must be someone who puts up with the extremes of my affection and reciprocates it with an equal ardour for in my opinion love works only if it comes bak

5. someone who is well acquainted with the laziness that comes wid da package and hu rivals that torpor wid an enthusiasm that inspires me to emulate her

6. My greatest source of motivation and support and in return someone who knows beyond doubt that i'll be there for her no matter how long it takes

7. A girl hu expresses wat she feels in the most clearest of terms so as to leave no misconceptions and trusts me in doing the same.

8. And finally the most important of all, she shud be someone hu loves me despite my flaws( and believe me i have a huge bundle of those), someone hu loves me for hu iam and not for what i've achieved cos the last thing i want is for her to hold me with a sense of awe rather than a sense of care.

**phew** that's a tall order i guess, but iam satisfied for this one's not for me and not even for Naresh but for you my Dope ;)

Alright i've seen the lousy response this tag's recieved frm the rest of the fraternity especially my pardner hu seems to have the time to entertain 8 chics at a time in the chatroom but not for 8 points that wud enlighten us :P

so breakin traditions i tag only 2 guys of whom i know one will surely respond ;)
so the stage's all yours rebel and shagboy let the sparks fly